Conscious Streetwear

Wellvyl believes that the key to health is found in social wellness, because we know that society impacts our mental, physical & spiritual health.

Wellvyl is a movement focused on health, inclusiveness, positive thinking,
how we treat one another, and most importantly how we’ll make a better world.

Our merchandise is designed to inspire connection, start conversations, open dialogues, shed light on and challenge hatefulness on the street.

What Good Will We Do?

Half of our proceeds will directly go to fund Social Impact, by creating jobs, opportunities, community projects and programs. We are focusing on People, Planet, and Profit.

People - funding and subsidizing community social engagement projects, minority startups, and public work for better infrastructure, policy, reform, etc.

Planet - funding projects for sustainability, clean energy, the best transportation, etc, etc, in cities.

Profit - for our investors and to provide a stronger economic engine for Wellvyl's Social Wellness Mission.

Improving Human Interactions